an eVTOL from Porsche and Boeing

More and more realities are looking with interest at the prospect of exploiting the vertical dimension of urban space to give life to a new form of mobility. Among these also Porsche is Boeing which today jointly announce the start of work on a type vehicle eVTOL.

Urban Air Mobility: an eVTOL for Porsche and Boeing

It is an aircraft a vertical take-off and landing and ad 100% electric power supply, of rather compact dimensions and destined to the movements in the cities. Boeing will collaborate through the subsidiary Aurora Flight Sciences, already working in the past on the PAV prototype of a similar nature as well as on the Odysseus drone intended for scientific research.

The memorandum of understanding signed today by the two companies aims to give life to a concept that within the next few years will lead to the creation of a commercial unit destined for what is called the market Premium Urban Air Mobility. Analysts predict it could literally explode starting in 2025. It is not clear if the design will be the one depicted in the images featured in this article, attached to the official release.

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The Porsche and Boeing eVTOL vehicle

Remaining on the subject, just in recent days Kitty Hawk (among its financiers there is Larry Page, co-founder of Google) presented Heaviside, an eVTOL that is described by many as a kind of flying car. Engage Vertical Aerospace, Hyundai, Lilium and Uber on the same front. Meanwhile, Europe has already moved to make itself ready by defining ad hoc regulations in a preventive manner, so as to regulate its circulation in the skies of the old continent when they are needed.

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