an algorithm against gender disparity in films

Is called GD-IQ: Spellcheck for Bias and it is a system of artificial intelligence developed by the University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering with the aim of analyzing the movie scripts (also those of animation) in search of passages that could represent, even involuntarily, a potentially discriminating behavior.

GD-IQ: the AI ​​to combat gender disparity in films

Among those who have supported the project since its first phase also Disney, through the collaboration with the Geena Davis Institute on Gender, a reality engaged in campaigns against the gender inequality.

The algorithms they analyze the characters, their characteristics (starting from sex and ethnicity), what they do during the film and what happens to them. If an alarm bell rings, screenwriters can take it into account and intervene if they think it appropriate. No more princesses woken up by a prince's kiss?

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