American Airlines will bring the Boeing 737 Max to heaven

From the beginning of next year i Boeing 737 Max at the moment they stop on the ground for security issues they will fly again. The manufacturer will submit to the Federal Aviation Administration by the end of 2019 the changes made following the two accidents that occurred in a few months, so as to obtain the certification and the go-ahead. The first company to announce the return of planes to the sky is American Airlines.

The Boeing 737 Max again in the sky

To solve the flaw, which cost overall life to 346 people (with the crashing of the Lion Air JT610 in Indonesia and the Ethiopian Airlines 302 in Ethiopia), a software update. The code that governs the aircraft will act differently in the event of abnormal technology behavior Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System present on board. Pilots will also receive precise instructions on what to do in the event of emergency situations.

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