Amazon will ask you to block the assignment of JEDI to Microsoft

It still seems far from being able to end the legal affair he saw Amazon request a review of the procedure through which in October last Pentagon has awarded Microsoft the call for the realization of the project JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure Cloud).

JEDI to Microsoft? Amazon is not there

For those not aware of it, this is a contract with a value quantified in approximately ten billion dollars allocated with the aim of creating the new one Department of Defense cloud infrastructure US. It will be used to manage confidential documents and other information, protecting everything with the highest safety standards and improving their usability for authorized professionals.

The group of Jeff Bezos has repeatedly cited alleged influences exercised by Donald Trump and his entourage so that his company, despite the favor of the predictions, did not win the tender. The tenant of the White House and the CEO of Amazon, as written several times also on these pages, are not best friends, they have never spared each other and have diametrically opposed visions on issues related to politics, publishing and more.

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Today the Reuters editorial says that the e-commerce giant, which among other things controls the provider AWS (current leader in the cloud market), will ask the judge to temporarily block the procedure that would otherwise see Microsoft start work.

The Seattle-based company is expected to present one motion for the restrictive order on January 24, then awaiting the decision of a federal court scheduled for February 11. No comments were received from the Redmond group on the matter.

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