Amazon stops assigning the JEDI cloud to Microsoft

The legal action taken by Amazon to prevent the U.S. Department of Defense from awarding the contract JEDI to Microsoft led to a first concrete outcome. Yesterday a federal judge temporarily blocked the process. On the table, a ten billion dollar tender spread over ten years to build the new infrastructure cloud of the Pentagon.

JEDI on standby for Amazon's appeal

Redmond's team came out of the confrontation with AWS and other market players at the end of October, but Jeff Bezos' company immediately expressed its doubts about the selection criteria adopted, also directly addressing its conflicts with Donald Trump and the presumed interference of the US President. The document filed to request the stop mentions "obvious shortcomings, errors and unmistakable impartiality".

The Amazon division is asked to put on the plate 42 million dollars which will eventually be destined to cover "costs and damages" in the event that theinjunction should prove to be without foundation. These are the words entrusted to the CNBC editorial staff by Frank Shaw, Microsoft's Corporate Vice President of Communications.

Although annoyed by the further delay, we believe that in the end we will be able to go further to ensure that those in the service of our nation can access the new technologies they urgently need. We have confidence in the Department of Defense and will show them in detail the transparency of the process that led to determining how the fighters' needs can be better met by Microsoft.

Although it can bring to mind the Star Wars universe, JEDI is actually an acronym that indicates in full Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure. IBM, Oracle, Rean Cloud and Google also participated in the tender for the award of the contract, the latter voluntarily withdrawn following internal protests resulting from the news of the possible use of its technologies in the war.

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