Amazon offers for vinyls and turntables, music to touch

In the era dominated by streaming, the fascination of vinyl remains intact. It is the music to touch, to browse through while listening, recovering that tangible and tangible relationship with an increasingly fluid and impalpable art form. For lovers of 33 and 45 laps we recommend some of the many offers of Amazon for the Black Friday, collected in one dedicated section of the store.

Vinyls and turntables on offer for Black Friday

There is for example Morricone 60 to 20.99 euros that traces the sixty years of the Maestro's career, one of the most successful Afterhours albums (Ballads for Little Hyenas) in 18.99 euros in his red robe, the triple Duvudubà with the successes of Lucio Dalla a 31.49 euros, Back to Black by Amy Winehouse which can now be called a classic a 13.99 euros and a triple live by Skunk Anansie a 20.99 euros.

The vinyls on offer on Amazon for Black Friday

These are obviously just a few examples: we refer to Amazon for all the others 33 and 45 rpm, with a constantly updated catalog.

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The House of Marley's Stir It Up turntable

There is also for those looking for a record player, perhaps with the intention of approaching this form of listening still considered legitimately sacred by audiophiles. In this Black Friday they are enough 42.77 euros for an entry level model of the Musitrend brand in wood with stereo speakers included. With 79.99 euros you can buy the Jam unit with a three-belt transmission system and Bluetooth, while a 145.00 euros there is the Stir It Up by House of Marley with a USB port for converting digital tracks.

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