Amazon Echo Show 8, from today in Italy

The rumors are confirmed: after the first appearances on the Indian market emerged in recent weeks, now Amazon Echo Show 8 makes its appearance in Italy and is now available for purchase for a price equal to 129.99 euros.

Amazon Echo Show 8

Amazon Echo Show 8 is added to the long line of devices of the Echo family, allowing Amazon to make users' choice even more free and granular, as well as to reconfirm their own leadership on a market that is gradually changing over time. This is the fourth device in the series launched with the supplied display, an element that opens it to a wider use than that of traditional audio-only Echo: the Echo Show 8 follows the first spherical Echo Spot in order, the next Echo Show (229.99 euros) and the reduced Echo Show 5 (69.99 euros).

We will understand only later if the Echo Show 8 is destined to engulf the 5 or 10-inch model, or if the market demand was actually such as to recommend to Amazon a truly richer and more complete range. The thumbs of the diagonal are an important element especially in terms of size and viewing distance, elements that ultimately define the device's possibilities of being adopted in the kitchen as in the living room, in the bedroom as in the office. The dimensions of the new model are equal to 200.4 mm x 135.9 mm x 99.1 mm

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"Crystal clear and powerful audio": Amazon's promise is that of a device that keeps the bar high in terms of audio quality, where the speakers express themselves best in collaboration with Amazon Music or Spotify. At the service of this function the group provides 52mm neodymium speakers and passive bass radiator. Four microphones in the upper part are Alexa's ear stretched towards the user, to pick up the calls and distinguish the words from the background noise of the environment.

The display (203 mm diagonal) is a plus for those looking for a richer and more complete experience from the Echoes, as a real assistant instead of as a mere musical listening point within the home. On the upper part there is a sliding button with which to physically close the camera, an option that pairs with the button that turns off the audio: both, together, can isolate the device from the external environment ensuring 100% privacy of the context home.

Amazon Echo Show 8

Alexa, skill, utility

What can an Echo Show 8 at home do in particular? The utilities are in this case those of a traditional speaker, being able to draw fully on what are the faculties granted by theassistant Alexa. Questions, games, information, news, skills and anything else are therefore those accessible by the whole Echo family, with the simple particular variation of an 8-inch display instead of the canonical alternatives of 10 and 5.

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Amazon Echo Show 8

However, the presence of the display also opens up to a series of particular utilities, such as video calls or the use of the device as a video intercom combined with a Ring device.

You can stay in touch with friends and family by making video calls without having to use your hands with those who own an Echo Spot or Echo Show device, the Alexa App or Skype. In addition, with Echo Show 8 and other Echo devices, distributed in several rooms of the house, you can easily use the Drop-in functionality to connect with another room.

The skills able to exploit the display to provide additional information in addition to the simple audio function would now be over 400 (Radio Deejay, Vevo, "True or False", "Question of the day" and others).

Price and availability

Amazon Echo Show 8 is available today in pre-order (obviously on Amazon) in the colors anthracite black and light gray: both models have a cost equal to 129.99 euros and will be distributed starting February 26.

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