Amazon, 15 euro discount on university books

Amazon winks at the eyes again University students: after the Prime Student offer that allows access to the Amazon Prime universe at a special price (50% discounted and with long initial period in free trial), here is a dedicated discount for the purchase of school books.

Amazon, the offer for school books

Amazon therefore restarts where it started: discounts and great convenience in managing the book trade. In this case, the offer dedicated to university students is quantified in a 15 euro voucher against a purchase of books for at least 50 euros (figure certainly not complex to achieve). The offer is available from today at 11.59pm on 30 November, coinciding with the start of the new exam year.

The voucher is delivered by email from Amazon after the purchase of 50 euros of books and can be used until January 14, 2020 for the purchase of any product on Amazon, including school books, "excluding eBooks and Kindle stores, Amazon devices, applications, MP3s and other digital content or products". So if you plan to continue your purchases on the marketplace, you will simply have a 15 euro voucher to spend on the next exam session. All the details on the offer are available on thespecial page.

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The books available are organized on Amazon in nine thematic categories, well aligned with the strands of study contemplated:

Among the best sellers at the moment, for example, "Mathematical Analysis 1","Chemistry" is "The essential of economics".

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