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The sky of OneDrive it is getting richer, with a cloud storage offering that, in addition to embellish itself with new features, also carries forward important ones integrations with Windows 10 and Office 365 and simplifies the use of memory remotely. There are three new features announced by Microsoft on the eve of the event with which the extension of the Surface family is expected:

Personal Vault

Personal Vault is a function previously announced and initially enabled only on some markets. At the end of what was an extended test, Microsoft is now opening this additional security tool to everyone to create a real content safe. Personal Vault, in fact, is nothing but a particular area of ​​custody for images and documents, a virtual place to go to protect your most valuable files more securely.

The protections developed are varied: the files can be archived automatically without the need for intermediate steps; if you forget the open file, it will automatically be closed after a certain period of inactivity; the area of ​​the hard disk concerned is protected by BitLocker encryption; the files kept there cannot be shared, for the avoidance of manual errors or external forcing.

This type of additional protection, explains Microsoft, puts the contents protected from external glances even in the event of loss or theft of the device: only the identification through an additional level of identification can allow access, so even in the case of physical access to the device it will not be possible to find its contents.

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Those who use the traditional 100GB free space offered by OneDrive can enter no more than 3 files in this area, enabling everything using the special icon (depicting a safe) on the OneDrive app. If you have Office 365 Personal or Office 365 Home, on the other hand, you have no predetermined limits.

Folder Backup

The service of automatic backup it is now more integrated in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10: any user therefore has the possibility to enable the automatic backup of specific folders on his hard disk, so that it can be recovered later and even remotely. When you lose a file, you also have 30 days available for recovery.

Backup Folder on Windows

A special one page has been prepared to illustrate the use of this convenient function that automatically secures files during work, ensuring full availability of the same even when on the move or in a job shared between multiple locations.

Additional space

All users using OneDrive have 100GB of free space at their disposal. All users using Office 365 (Personal or Home) have 1 TB of free space at their disposal. All those who need more space instead have the possibility to buy 200GB staves.

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Additional space on OneDrive: purchase brackets

Prices are related to the amount of additional space you intend to purchase and each 100GB equals 1 € / month more. The prices are therefore the following:

  • 200GB: 2 € / month
  • 400GB: 4 € / month
  • 600GB: 6 € / month
  • 800GB: € 8 / month
  • 1TB: 10 € / month

Interesting the note indicated by Microsoft in relation to the additional space available:

Additional storage space is only available for Office 365 subscribers. If the Office 365 subscription expires, the additional storage plan will be canceled at the end of the current billing period.

More news

Microsoft also announces the availability of dark mode on the OneDrive app for iOS, thus enabling this handy utility for those in special circumstances who prefer a dark background with less impact in terms of brightness. A special OneDrive UserVoice section is also available to listen to users' proposals and ideas, in a gesture of openness that is a prelude to further evolution of cloud storage made in Redmond.

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