All the Alexa compatible products that Amazon offers

The world Alexa was without a doubt the protagonist of these days of discounts in sauce Amazon. It could not be otherwise: the family Amazon Echo arrives directly from the house of Jeff Bezos, the promised discounts have been very attractive and some of the models have even sold out (Echo Dot is discounted at 19.99 euros, but will no longer be delivered in time for Christmas).

Amazon Echo: all the Alexa that there is

The Amazon Echo devices currently available on discount are in particular the following:

But to better explode the value of Alexa it is possible to combine an Amazon Echo with other devices that can really make the home environment "smart". Such as? Here are some examples.

Alexa, turn on the light

The smart light bulbs ("Smart bulb") are the device that, with a small investment and great surprise, can more immediately return the power of voice interaction. All you need is to issue the command "Alexa, turn on the light" and the bulb, properly configured through the app, reacts accordingly.

Two models by way of example:

How much is the amazed look of a child in front of the magic of the light that lights up by itself? How much is a light turned off with the voice when you are already lying in bed or on the sofa? Cyber ​​Monday offers a possible answer.

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Video surveillance, baby monitors and security

That is for the video surveillance, which is to monitor a baby while he sleeps, or to monitor the interiors of his own home remotely: Alexa can open up a range of opportunities through the simple combination of shooting systems whose cost is constantly decreasing and which for this Cyber ​​Monday have become one of the most explored attractions. These are some solutions for the most common needs (all easy to install and easy to use via your smartphone):

Soundbar and beyond

Thanks to Alexa a normal TV soundbar can turn into something more, bringing the music of Amazon Music or Spotify directly in the center of the living room and in high quality. Among the models still in discount for Cyber ​​Monday, the Samsung HW-N300-ZF is available, for example at the price of 79 euros with a 39% discount.

iRobot Roomba and the house is clean

Why not clean the floor of your home with just the effort of thinking and saying it? After all, it is sufficient to issue the appropriate command and the robots of the iRobot Roomba series are ready to obey, acting in complete autonomy to eliminate all traces of dust, animal hair and residues of any kind.

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Three models are still discounted in these hours, with different ways of cleaning and analyzing the surrounding environment for an intelligent movement between the obstacles of the house:

Echo Wall Clock with Alexa

A Wall clock with Alexa's artificial intelligence: is Echo Wall Clock, one of the home accessories offered by Amazon, among the protagonists of the Black Friday first and of the Cyber ​​Monday then. Also available in Italy for a few weeks, the product can be purchased in these days at price of 29.99 euros.

Among the features a digital display with 60 LEDs that can be useful to show the timers set: for example, it is sufficient to say “Alexa, put a 12-minute timer” to see the countdown start and receive an alert when you reach the end. The diameter is 25 cm (dimensions 254x254x 41 mm, weight 380 grams) and the supply is made with four AA batteries included in the package at the time of purchase.

Amazon's Echo Wall Clock with Alexa

Communication with Alexa devices takes place thanks to the integrated Bluetooth module. The watch therefore represents a nice accessory for those who already have an Amazon Echo in the kitchen, where the use of a timer is of fundamental utility and where the hands are often smeared: "Alexa, put the 10-minute timer for pasta" .

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