alert for apps not compatible with Surface Pro X

One of the main strengths of the Surface Pro X (available on Amazon from 1,169 euros), that Qualcomm SQ1 processor with ARM architecture optimized for mobile use, it risks becoming one of its limits: it is in fact not compatible with some of the software distributed on Microsoft Store.

Surface Pro X: compatibility issues for Microsoft Store apps

There are those who have complained about the lack of a warning in this regard when buying or downloading. The Redmond group has collected feedback and now seems willing to remedy the lack, by updating the official Microsoft Store app for Windows 10. Exploring the platform catalog will not show the unsupported programs from the supplied hardware compartment.

An update already in the rollout phase, which according to early reports does not seem to be sufficient yet: it seems that videogames titles like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is Guacamelee! 2, both not compatible with Surface Pro X, continue to appear in search results.

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Among the other peculiarities of the device, the Slim Pen nib. When not in use it can be stored in a slot between the display and the keyboard, which also takes care of recharging the internal battery. A new design solution that in the future we could see replicated also on other products in the range. So Elvira Carzaniga, Microsoft Italy Surface Business Group Lead, described the Surface Pro X in the interview given to Punto Informatico.

The Pro X is born from a path of technological evolution. We have designed the processor in collaboration with Qualcomm, a reality with great experience in the furniture, to create an ultra-thin and ultra-connected device. The work carried out from an engineering point of view has made it possible to reduce the thickness to just 7.3 mm. I remember that until recently it was possible to consider similar dimensions only for smartphones, now we are talking about computers.

There is also a battery that offers thirteen hours of continuous use with support for Fast Charging, without forgetting the Slim Pen with a special form factor. If you had the chance to try it you will have understood that it was designed to be comfortable from an ergonomic point of view and can be reloaded simply by putting it back in its slot.

If you want, Pro X is a new interpretation of 2-in-1, with different characteristics and for a more prosumer target.

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