Airbnb, cancellation of reservations with full refund

Considering the spread of coronavirus which now affects almost every country in the world over the weekend Airbnb has updated its baptized policy Mitigating circumstances to allow both hosts and guests to cancel reservations already carried out on the platform without experiencing any economic penalty.

Airbnb: a policy for the coronavirus emergency

A measure that applies to the whole planet, for reservations made until March 14th covering the period between March 14th and April 14th. The only exception concerns the China and travel within national borders: there, right where the infection began, the service will return to apply the usual rules on April 1. This is due to the fact that the country is slowly trying to return to normal after successfully implementing strict containment measures.

As already written last week, the impact of coronavirus on the economy is also affecting the host by Airbnb. Many have already said they are in difficulty because of cancellations and consequent lost revenue. In any case, optimistic statements came from the CEO Brian Chesky:

Airbnb was born during a global crisis. It didn't stop us then and it won't stop us now.

What is happening will probably also slip the stock exchange listing of the group, a long-planned operation which, according to the company's strategy, could have materialized in recent months.

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