A study in Canada for the original Stadia games

Google has entrusted to the experience of Jade Raymond, ex Electronic Arts and Ubisoft, the guide of Stadia Games and Entertainment. It is the team working on the original productions to be allocated to cloud gaming of Stadia, a platform to debut next month also in Italy. In these hours the news of the opening of the first study arrives, a real software house to which others will be placed in the future.

Stadia Games and Entertainment: the first studio in Montreal

It is located in Montreal, Canada. The post shared on the official bigG blog hosting the announcement makes no reference to games put in the yard or the possibility that someone is already in the development phase. The use of the future seems in any case to exclude this hypothesis. Below is a translation of an extract from Raymond's speech.

The Stadia Games and Entertainment studio will produce exclusive and original content for a diversified portfolio of titles, dedicated to all your favorite genres. Stadia is designed to represent a single destination for all the ways to play and Montréal is the place where we will begin to make them.

Jade Raymond, number one of Stadia Games and Entertainment

The original and exclusive productions of Stadia could constitute an added value for the bigG service, which in the cloud gaming area will have to contend not only with competing platforms already operating, but also with a new rather uncomfortable competitor like xCloud from Microsoft.

In Stadia we don't think we want to be "good enough". We want to be more: more ambitious, more inclusive, more accessible, more engaging, more compelling. We will bring this mentality to Stadia Games and Entertainment and, now with our first studio, we will try to get the best developers on the planet to join us.

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