A portal was created where you can generate an infinite number of … fake faces

Last year, an employee of Nvidia published quite interesting studies describing the process of creating an endless stream of false portraits. A few months after their publication, Philip Wang, a software engineer working for Uber, decided to create a special website that uses the algorithm presented in the aforementioned work.

The portal is called ThisPersonDoesNotExist.com and its name already says enough about the content of the site. After entering it, we will be shown a photo of a person who … does not exist. Just refresh the page and see the next portrait – such an action can be repeated without interruption, and no face will be repeated. How is this possible?

All thanks to the already-mentioned algorithm trained on a huge set of data – including many real images. The collected contents are transformed into false faces using a special neural network called the generative opposing network. The created site perfectly shows the strength of artificial intelligence, which can both fascinate and frighten.

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Some of you probably wonder how Philip came into possession of such an advanced algorithm. All thanks to its creator – he recently decided to make StyleGAN available (this is the mechanism) in the form of open source and give the field to various engineers and researchers. Many of them experiment with the creation of, for example, anime, fonts and graffiti using artificial intelligence.

Although the title page is a fairly innocent project, it is not difficult to imagine projects aimed at acting to the detriment of society or influential people. One would like to believe that such acts will never happen.

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