A new Dieselgate for Suzuki Vitara and Jeep Grand Cherokee?

For engines diesel not only do continuous blocks of traffic rain, but further problems could also come in direct consequence of the behavior of the manufacturers. This time, some models of Suzuki Vitara is Jeep Grand Cherokee. The signature is that of the Dutch Minister for the Environment Stientje van Veldhoven, but the case it could subsequently fall on the whole European territory (the decision of a single nation can have continental value): the models in question will therefore have to regularize their position or there could be serious consequences.

With the explosion of dieselgate, exploded in Volkswagen, the insights on the topic spread throughout Europe and it was soon clear that the fraudulent behavior was a sort of unspoken that permeated most of the sector. Specially developed software was in fact able to circumvent routine checks, recognizing test cycles and thus reducing emissions to improve the perceived ecological profile. The problem now involves FCA and Suzuki, whose models will have to be recalled for theinstallation of a "patch" that solves the question.

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According to what emerged, FCA would already have a viable solution in hand and could soon be forced to recall for installation; Suzuki, on the other hand, has not yet prepared any usable updates and the situation therefore remains suspended pending decisions. Sudden actions from FCA and Suzuki (from which official statements would not have arrived at the moment) are announced from Holland, with Van Veldhoven saying she is certain of their collaboration: "Manufacturers will want to avoid actions because this measure would have far-reaching consequences".

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