A LEGO model for the International Space Station

Fans of LEGO and space begin to put some money away: the Danish company announced on February 1 the debut of the official brick model of the International Space Station. It will cost $ 69.99 (the price for Europe has not been disclosed) and in the box there will be 864 pieces to create a scale replica of the ISS.

LEGO: here is the International Space Station

Included in package one Space Shuttle miniature, a satellite to be released into orbit using the Canadarm 1 and two robotic arm astronauts to whom to delegate the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations. Here it is in the image below in all its splendor, with the solar panels delegated to the production of energy in plain sight. The recommended age for assembly starts from 16 years.

For over twenty years, the International Space Station has welcomed cooperation from different countries to achieve common goals for the benefit of all humanity. The largest spacecraft ever built continues to allow discoveries that are not possible on Earth, pushing the frontiers of human exploration of space farther than ever.

The LEGO model of the International Space Station

We have written several times about the International Space Station also on these pages, pointing out curiosity such as the discovery on board of old floppy disks or that of bacteria, talking about its use as a tourist destination and the arrival of two automatons designed to help the crew: Skybot F-850 and Astrobee. An article was also dedicated to the investigation for an alleged crime unique in its kind, committed according to the accusations 400 km away from Earth.

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