A hip-hop track for Trump's election campaign

There election campaign in view of the USA 2020 presidential elections has already begun. In the past few days, a sponsored listing appeared on Facebook in support of Donald Trump and which targets the Democratic senator Cory Booker, believed guilty to have called the supporters of the Republican candidate in a television series "contemptible".

Trump, advertising and the hip-hop song

The usual squabble between opposing factions, the first sparks of a media war that will inevitably ignite from here until next autumn, when the American people will go to the polls to decide the next White House tenant, hoping that the problems of voting machines be solved in time. But there is a detail that has not escaped those directly concerned: the piece of music used as a background for advertising, entitled "Life & Music" and published in 2008 by the hip-hop artist Rogiers, was used without authorization.

A copyright infringement, as the label claims Fibby Music Group? The song is that, there is no doubt. We attach it below.

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From the tycoon entourage no comments were received on the matter.

Facebook Comments


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