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You know those buttons that appear overlay when streaming movies or TV shows up Netflix, useful for skipping the opening credits or for moving quickly to the next episode? With the show Lobby Baby of Seth Meyers, arriving today on the platform, debuts one of a different nature: if pressed it will instantly lead to the end of the session that targets Donald Trump with beats and jabs typical of stand-up comedy.

Netflix: Seth Meyers and the jokes about Trump

According to what reported by Meyers himself to the editorial staff of CNN, it is a game, a joke, a provocation. These are the words of the actor, comedian and presenter, followed by the trailer of the special.

I realized that, as on Netflix, there would be an opportunity to integrate the necessary technology to allow people to skip it. It was a way to respond to all those who say "Oh, let me guess, there will be jokes about the President".

A technological measure adopted in order not to excessively annoy the pro-Republican public? Not exactly, even if the period is the one that sees overseas the election campaign for the USA 2020 presidential elections prepare to enter life.

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Considering how Meyers on his Late Show (broadcast on NBC) has never spared criticism of Trump, the initiative put in place with Netflix should be labeled as the use out of place of a command so far used differently, one form of interaction between the viewer and the content, although different from that offered for example by Bandersnatch.

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