A 85 euro 3D printer on eBay, shipped from Italy

Who wants to take his first step towards the fascinating world of 3D printers, experiencing the enormous potential of this technology, can do it with little money: today we signal the model Anet A8 i3 with heated plate, acrylic frame and single extruder, for sale on eBay for 84.98 euros.

3D printer at 84.98 euros on eBay

A low cost for a device compatible with ABS, HIPS and PLA filaments, equipped with an LCD display to check the progress of the print and SD card reader for loading projects. The maximum volume of the producible objects is equal to 220x220x240 mm, the speed 10-120 mm / s.

A 85 euro 3D printer with a heated plate on eBay, shipped from Italy

Last, but not least, the detail shipping takes place from Italy. It will therefore not be necessary to wait long before receiving it, putting it on the desk and immediately feeding it the first artifacts to be produced.

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