5G, a new speed record for Ericsson

Ericsson world leadership takes over 5G: in the same hours when a new shoulder arrives from the United States to Huawei, the European company has broken a new speed record that further raises the bar and raises once again the ambitions regarding the potential of the new generation of networks mobile.

The test was carried out by the workers of Kista (Stockholm) by running an Ericsson Radio System Street Macro 6701 and measuring the speed through a Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 modem-based test device. The speed reached was 4.3 Gbps, something that substantially highlights what we are talking about: a new generation that is not only an evolution of 5G, but that sets up a completely new paradigm, completely different and with extremely higher potential.

The possible application fields in which 5G can immediately make a difference? Multiplayer game, augmented reality, video streaming. In perspective, however, the ambitions are also much broader, extending these faculties to health, IoT, mobility and other highly profitable factors. It is therefore time for Ericsson to celebrate the new result achieved, celebrating the goals that the group is grinding on the millimeter waves of 5G:

A fantastic result (…), equates to downloading one hour of ultra-high definition movies, or 4K, in just 14 seconds.

What is now a laboratory test that demonstrates the quality of the solution designed by Ericsson, however, is destined to reach large-scale installations soon, with the possibility of immediate grounding. The impact in terms of connectivity and applications is abnormal, redefining the boundaries between fixed and mobile, but also extending the perimeter of the activities that can be pursued with this type of technology.

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