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Find an iPhone under the tree, a Christmas, offers a guaranteed result: it will make anyone happy. Whether you are determined to give it away or give it to you, it is the perfect time to buy one: just for a few hours, and while stocks last, at Cyber ​​Monday Amazon there is iPhone XS for only € 789.

There is no need to describe what one of the flagship devices of the colossus of Cupertino is capable of, it is superfluous to even tell you about the obsessive care with which it was created to achieve such a fascinating design. Much more interesting is the part that, for a few hours, concerns the price of iPhone XS in edition from 64GB.

The Cyber ​​Monday Amazon gives you the opportunity to have one, of silver color, for just € 789: calculator in hand, there is one € 280 discount compared to the list price, which – translated as a percentage – means a cost reduction of as much as 26%. A discount not bad, bearing in mind that Apple products are among the most difficult to find in great offer.

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If you are interested, our advice is to take advantage immediately, it is also available in Gold:

If instead of the iPhone XS, your Christmas wish was to have a iPhone XR, we remind you that – at least when we tell you about it – on Amazon there is also an offer dedicated to him: you can find it at this address.

Today's best offers for Apple iPhone XS: all prices

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