100% US duties to respond to the Web Tax of France

At the Web Tax recently introduced by France to withhold a portion of the profits generated in the country by the big Americans i USA respond with i duties. The Trump administration has announced its intention to tax assets imported from the European country with a percentage equal to 100% of the value. Includes champagne, clothing and food such as cheese or yogurt.

From the USA 100% duties on France

The announcement came at the end of a day full of tension that saw Washington confirm the intention to restore duties also on metals (aluminum and steel) imported from Argentina and Brazil. It is also possible that similar measures can be applied in the not too distant future also to goods coming from the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Germany as a consequence of the decision taken by the World Trade Organization regarding theillegitimacy of the subsidies granted to Airbus. To complete the picture, the now long-standing question concerning the China: within a couple of weeks the official price increases in August will come into force.

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There fee introduced by the Macron government goes directly to the business of groups like Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook and consequently the profits linked for example to the advertising sector, to the supply of cloud services, to the streaming of multimedia contents, to the e -commerce and so on. A perspective evaluated several times also from Italy and implemented by other states of the old continent such as the Czech Republic.

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