How to compress files using WinRaR ?

I will show you how to compress files using very popular compression software “WinRar”. WinRar is commercial software but I’m using trial version since 15 years xD, I will show in this article how to compress files to rar archive and protect this archive with strong passwords. So first we need to prepare all files for compression, it is good to place all files to folder which we will compress later. So my folder looks like below :

I got 3 files in this folder, and I will compress all of them in to one rar file.

so to compress you need to click on folder with right mouse button and select “add to archive”

after that you will see small window :

sorry but my winrar version is in polish language, so now you can check compression method I prefer to select “Best” and you can “Choose password”…please type strong password minimum 10 chars ! after that just click “OK” .. compression will start and you should see new archive called “myfolder.rar”


you can download winrar from this website :